Who is Chemguy?

Chemguy is Rob Lederer, a highly successful, award-winning Chemistry teacher from Millarville, Alberta, Canada.

What does Chemguy offer?

I provide instruction and review of all the content in your high school or first year university chemistry!

If you are an Advanced Placement or IB Chemistry student, I’ve got all your needs covered!

Who needs Chemguy?

If you are any student, anywhere, high school or first year university, looking for a comprehensive Chemistry course overview!

If you're a home-school student or parent, this material will support your Chemistry curriculum!

If you're a science teacher looking to inform your practice, or supply students with extra material to help them succeed!

Grade 12 Chemistry student in Alberta? This is the course overview and Diploma Exam preparation you've been looking for!

How much does it cost?

Please consider a donation to view the videos! The set of 12 DVDs is only $39.00!!

Chemguy has tests and quizzes to go along with all of this, in his Online Course!

How do I find out more?

Click the links on this page or email me!

Is there any other good chemistry help for me out on the Web?

I've prepared a list of excellent chemistry-on-the-web resources for you.



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